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the best five minutes in film history

"Now go home and get your fucking shinebox."


"philip, get me another body!" x 3

"i don't see so good, goddamnit!"

Sol: Hello, I bought glasses there, my name is Sol Rosenberg.
Optometrist: Yes?
Sol: And my eyes are going crazy.


game over, man

"Several well-placed sources close to the Bolton nomination process have reported that the Bolton confirmation process is now dead."

hahaha - Fight the power mustache!


From The 50 Most Loathsome People in America:
43. Rush Limbaugh
Charges: If political discussion were sex, the Limbaugh audience would be a horde of virgins beating off to deranged rape fantasies.

Exhibit A: Started out in sports radio; hasn’t changed his approach one bit.

Sentence: Starved to death in full view of glazed ham; ACLU mistakenly bestowed entire estate due to barbecue sauce stain on last will and testament.
hahaha - glazed ham...


whole lotta luv

Lisa: If Maggie's fussy, don't avoid her -
Bart: Let me get away with moider!
Lisa: Teach us songs and magic tricks -
Homer: Might I add, no fat chicks!


In re: to this photo -

- someone commented:
"WHAT is she wearing? Could it be anymore BEIGE? Her necklace is hideous and totally inappropriate. Go fuck yourself, Katie, with a BIG FAT BEIGE DILDO!"
Wow, and I thought I was hate-filled.


These little critters are alarmingly cute.

hell-oooo, sailor!

Because a man can never have enough gay hats...

separated at birth

Evolution happens.


funny shit

From TDS.

what a drag

"And I was a lot happier before I knew Dame Edna was a man. A lot happier."

take my suv...please!



you can never be too rich or too thin...

...or TOO YOUNG TO FLIP THE BIRD! Heh, little Max is off to a good start...

putting the dic(k) in dichotomy

"lisa, stop blowing my sex!"

Remember this scene from the Simpsons:
Inside the house, Marge reads a romance novel. She begins daydreaming about being on a ship with a tanned, muscular fellow.

Marge: My, these seas are certainly heaving.
Pirate: Well, no more than your bountiful bosom [slyly] milady.
I think I'm having one of those moments.

Bare chested Maori warrior with a moko (facial tattoo) waits for the coffin of Maori Queen Te Arikinui Dame Te Atairangikaahu near the sacred Taupiri Mountain near Hamilton, New Zealand.

"i'm about to go from ashy to classy"

I just needed a little Ashy Larry this morning.


the rivalry

Woo hoo - I can't wait until Aug 28!


He needs to be led out in a straitjacket. Seriously.

oh dear god, the cuteness...

mah preshush

This is so stupid but it just cracks me up.